Thursday, October 13, 2011

Western Style BBQ Burger Crumble

  • Thanks to my good friend James for coming up with the name for this dish :)
  • 1.4 lbs of grass fed ground beef from a local farm, 1.25 yellow onions, 1 bunch of green onions (didn't use that whole dish as that was 2 bunches), 5 strips of bacon (I'd make it 6-8 but 5 was all I had left), BBQ sauce, and an egg per serving
  • Cook bacon to desired doneness then saute the yellow onions and add the green onions when the yellow are almost done.
  • Cook the ground beef. Add some BBQ sauce.  I don't measure it so not sure how much I used. I just poor a little in and do a taste test.  I like it where there's a hint of the BBQ but not overpowered by it.
  • Dice the bacon and add it plus the onions to the ground beef.  Let simmer on low stirring occasionally while you fry your eggs then enjoy :)
  • This made 1 dinner plate for me plus 3 more servings I packed up for later.