Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Princess Peepants

Kenzie was dubbed Princess Peepants yesterday morning.  I tried changing her diaper after she woke up this morning.  I managed to get the overnight, pee soaked diaper off before she ran (crawled super fast) away.  I shrugged and figured I'd let her bum air out a bit while I put a load of diapers in the washing machine.  I come back just a few minutes later to see some wet spots on the floor and the flaps of her onesie are wet.  I take her clothes off and leave the diaper off figuring we will go shower.  I place her in the bathroom to play while I go get clean clothes for us.  I hear her in the bathroom smack, smack, smacking the floor and toilet.  I don't think anything of it until hubby says something like "uhhh, she's playing in a huge puddle of her pee and I have to go to work!"  I walk in the bathroom and confirm it.  She was smacking the puddle of her pee and sharing it with the toilet lid.  I proceed to wipe her down, the toilet down, and the floor down, but again, leave her diaper off.  I hop in the shower and clean myself quickly.  Kenzie likes to cruise along the tub while I shower.  I finish my cleaning and when I go to grab her I notice the floor is all wet along the tub where she's been cruising.  Yay, she peed again.  As I'm washing her she lets out a huge fart.  I brace myself as I just know that poo is about to follow.  Phew, no poo.  I figured it would just be the icing on the cake.  When telling hubby what he missed he's like "you have a weird idea of what icing is."  Heh.  We got out of the shower and I tossed her toys that were casualties of the cruising pee into the tub.  We managed to dry off and get dressed without another pee incident.

Photo below of Princess Peepants ready to exit the bathroom to cause more mischief

Photo below of Rocco the cat flabbergasted that he can't get a break from Princess Peepants

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