Sunday, October 5, 2014

Shout Out to Ready, Set, Baby!

If you are in Canada and are in the Saskatoon area (or visiting, or driving through), I highly recommend stopping by Ready, Set, Baby! (RSB) in Martensville.

It is run by 3 lovely, caring, helpful, intelligent women.  They have an array of baby and mom supplies and offer numerous classes.

We have been frequenting their shop for at least a year now.  We stop by at least once a month when we are in town.  There are comfortable recliners for Mom while breastfeeding or Dad or Grandpa to relax on.

Hubby and I took the prenatal crash course in January 2014.  The classes are small, informative, and the instructor is amazing.

You can make a gift registry there if you visit the store.  Online shopping from their website is in the works, so maybe an online gift registry will be available later.  If you have friends and family outside of the Saskatoon area, it is still very easy to purchase items off the registry.  Just give them the number for a phone order.  Tell RSB a price range and they can name items from the registry if you don't have a specific item in mind.  RSB can mail the receipt to the purchaser or give the receipt to the recipient to keep in the rare case it needs to be returned or exchanged.

Go. Utilize them. Make friends. You won't be sorry.

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