Sunday, May 22, 2011

About Me

  • I am the in-house tax accountant for a local holding company that deals mostly in real estate development.  I have been there since January 2006.  I graduated college in May 2007 with B.S. in Accounting.  Depending on where my path leads me, I would love to get my Masters and sit for the CPA exam.
  • I am a gamer.  I run a level 25 guild in World of Warcraft.  I actually met my husband through the game.  We have been happily married since February 2009.  He is my best friend and soul mate.
  • I love animals.  My husband and I adopted a cat named Rocco, a mini Aussie named Ozzy, and a wirehair terrier named Pepper.  Pets bring so much joy to our family offering so much entertainment.
  • Other interests include playing the piano and flute, doing anything arts and crafts related, and reading.