Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lunch - Cranberry & Kale Chicken Salad

  • So … we forgot to put the chicken in the slow cooker this morning and now we won’t have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Solution:  10oz can of white & dark chicken, 1 stalk of green onion, 3 stalks of kale, and a handful of dried cranberries.  
  • Sautéed the chopped up kale in some ghee with a little sea salt and pepper for about 5 minutes then added the diced green onions and continued to sauté for another 2 minutes.  Mixed the sautéed kale and green onions and handful of dried cranberries with about ½ a can or so of the chicken.  
  • To go along with the salad, I sautéed some chopped up broccolini in ghee and a spoonful of minced garlic for about 10 minutes.  Also added a side of blueberries and raspberries.  Serves 1.  Hubby will have ... something ...